About Transzendance

Transzendance  unites dance forms from around the world like hip hop, swing, Latin, African, belly dance, Irish step, tribal dance, Edance, Yoga asana, energy balancing  and inspirational massages of love to unite humanity as one.

There are many paths to transcend ourselves to the next level. I love this pathway to transcending this with happiness peace joy and bliss.

Transzendance is a gateway to move energy through the body and bring things into a high state of balance. Let’s live our highest potential of beaming love, living LOVE.


About Samadhi dance®

Samadhi Dance® is a style of yoga dance. Dance as yoga asana.🕉

Samadhi dance starts with sun salutations and vinyasa, moving into high energy dance with weights, pranayama breath, and ending in Savasana. It is yoga dancing; the music is fun beats with the philosophy of yoga combined with world dance music. It teaches about the eight limbs of yoga through dance.

Its cardio, strength training and flexibility all in one class!

Holistic approach to fitness.

I’ve lost 10 pounds and I feel great. Daina’s classes are a blast and the playlists are awesome!
— Scott M.
Transzendance is like oxygen. . . I gotta have it!
— Barb S.

Dancing as a spiritual practice

Dancing is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Using dance to go into trance dates back 40,000 years. Since before time we would listen to the beat of our hearts, like Wilbur Alex, “Professor Trance”, would say.

Ancient cultures dance to go into trance to connect to their higher selves to receive guidance and wisdom from the spirit of love. A trance is a deep meditative state.

When our mind is relaxed and fully focused on the present moment, that’s when we are fully connected to our higher selves.

There are many different pathways one can take to arrive in that state of mind.But the destination is the same.

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Daina’s Transzendance classes lift my spirits even on the most challenging of days. Her use of pairing the breath with dance moves, her choice of music and her endless enthusiasm make this class fun, life-affirming and will leave you feeling balanced and energised. I love it!